Frequently Asked Questions

Non Fault Accident Bristol

Q: Do I need to use my insurance company to conduct the repair?

A: No, you do not. This is one of the biggest myths abounding.  Insurance companies have brainwashed people into believing that they are the only people able to deal with their claims. Often, they do not tell you that they themselves refer claims to specialist accident repair companies from whom they receive a large referral commissions as well as large commissions from accident solicitors and car hire companies. By using a one stop shop, the middleman is ousted and the saving passed on to you the customer.


Q: Who pays for your services?

A: If you are not at fault; the other driver’s insurance company will pay. This will include the provision of a replacement vehicle and repairs to your existing vehicle.  If you have suffered an injury, our specialist team of solicitors will step in to assist with this matter and deal with it for you again claiming from the other party’s insurance.

Q:How will I prove that the accident was not my fault?

A:We have our own assessor who will assess this and discuss the circumstances of the accident with you. We will assess whether there is an identifiable negligent third party and if so, how best to proceed.

Q: What will happen if my car is a write off?

A:If your car is written off as a result of an accident that was not your fault, then we can replace the vehicle for you on a like for like basis.

Q: How do you deal with personal injury claims?

A: Our one stop Accident Management Service will deal with this on your behalf. We have the same access to accident and personal injury solicitors as does your insurance company without the excessive costs.