• Accident Management Bristol

Accident Management Bristol

We are a one stop shop specialising in sorting out your claims with insurance companies so that you don’t have to. Dealing with insurance companies can be time-consuming and frustrating. Hand it over to the team at Accident Management Bristol.


You have the right to choose who deals with your claim. You do not have to deal with your insurance company and you do not have to pay an excess. We will provide you with a like-for-like replacement vehicle; deal with your claim from beginning to end and liaise with your insurance company.

As the innocent party, you are legally entitled to compensation for your injury. You do NOT need to claim on your own insurance policy which could result in your losing your no claims bonus and incurring a higher excess but you can claim from the person who caused the accident and that person’s insurance company. We manage this for you.

Accident Management Bristol

Replacement Vehicle

We can provide a like for like vehicle to cover the period during which you car is being repaired, or whilst you are looking for a full time replacement. We will always try to match your existing vehicle as closely as possible. This includes the following categories: prestige, taxis, motorcycles and lorries.

You Can Choose Who Repairs Your Vehicle

It’s up to you who repairs your vehicle, you can leave that to us, or you can choose another service provider, the choice is yours.

No Excess

If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, you may still have to pay your insurance excess if your insurance company deals with your claim. However, when you ask us to deal with your claim, you won’t need to employ our services, we save you this expense.

Accident Management Bristol

Accident Management Bristol


We will arrange for a qualified and independent motor engineer to inspect your vehicle after the accident. If your car is repairable then we will carry out all necessary repairs at Body Repairs Bristol, this minimising any disruption to you, the valued client. Get in touch with Accident Management Bristol for more information.

It really is that simple; one call, one service, one solution